Conference topics

EHCONF is an International Conference that promotes the  Engineering and Humanities, Management, Accounting and financial related latest developments and issues to be discussed and experimented through interactions amongst the researchers and academician across the globe at a common platform.

The IKE have the following objectives:

Globalize the education so that Research scholars from different regions can communicate with each other through a common platform.

Publish Journals in different areas of Research for sharing their research work.

Organize Conferences (National/International) for providing common platform so that researchers can gain knowledge in their area of interest by interacting with the experts.

Organize Workshops/Seminars for upgradation and awareness of latest technologies.

Help students, faculty and researchers in Engineering, Social Sciences, Management, Parmaceutical and Medical Sciences related  areas so that they can enhance their knowledge in different areas of research.

Help students, faculty and researchers in Engineering, Social Sciences, Management, Parmaceutical and Medical Sciences related  areas so that they can enhance their knowledge in different areas of research.

Cooperate with institutions of higher learning in any part of the country having objectives similar to those of the the society. 


Management Topics
1. Quality,Productivity and Business Excellence
Total Quality Management (concepts and tools),organizational excellence,quality systems,productivity,performance management,problem solving techniques,Six Sigma
2. Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Leadership,leadership,change leadership,moral,behavioral aspects of corporate leaders and holding the lead organization in crisis situations,emotional abilities leadership,effective teamwork,effective organizational culture,organizational factors influencing innovation,organizational barriers affecting non-organic growth,organizational culture,organizational communication,conflict management,stress management,teamwork,negotiation
3. The production,processing and operations
Production and operations management,supply chain management,operations research,project management,process management and enterprise architecture,logistics management,organizational agility
4. Strategic Management
Strategic planning,strategic management,competitive analysis and buying the things integrated,strategic,enterprise-holding management practices,corporate-level strategy,implementation and obstacles to its success
5. Systems Management and IT
Information and knowledge management,methodology of information systems architecture and information technology,e-commerce and the digital economy,government and e-services,strategy books,models,e-business,e-readiness assessment and the digital divide,e-commerce through mobile phones,health and e,change management and process engineering,business intelligence,e-banking,e-business solutions (systems,resource planning,customer relationship management,mail,e-supply chain management,e-procurement,etc.),innovation and ICT diffusion,Cooperation and alliances mail
6. Strategic management and competitiveness
Strategic planning,strategic management,competitive analysis,mergers and acquisitions,strategic alliances,how to manage holding companies,the strategy of the corporation,and barriers to successfully implement its strategy,the various components of the strategy consistent with the structure,organization structure design,implementation,organizational structure
7. Human Resource Management
Human resource development,training,succession planning,systems,compensation,evaluation system business,management systems,employee performance,safety and health,labor relations,selection and socialization,strategic human resource management,human resources,e-HRM holding companies,management staff scholar,scholars maintenance programs,the strategic role of human resource managers,system design salary in tough economic conditions,accounting and audit HRM,coaching
8. The management of technology,research and development
Technology strategy,innovation management,R & D management,technology policy,technology transfer
9. Market Management
Market strategy,market research,international marketing,marketing services,customer relationship management,advertising,pricing,marketing channels,brand management
10. ethics and philosophy of the organization and management
Identify ethical issues in organizations,the roots of ethical issues,the consequences of ethical problems in organizations,methods of enriching the corporate culture from the perspective of corporate ethics,professional ethics,management of preventive ethical issues,develop and promote ethical codes,solving ethical issues,the philosophical foundations of the theory institutional,philosophical foundations of the theory of management,organization and management review and compare the schools of philosophy and comparative studies
11. corporate governance and social responsibility
The roles of the board,the accountability,the rule of institutions and holding companies,processes the board,the relationship between parent and subsidiary companies,the effectiveness of the Board of Directors,the performance of organizations on social issues and environmental,social roles,organizations,continued and sustainable growth of management
12. Entrepreneurship
Individual entrepreneurs,entrepreneurship,social entrepreneurship,new business,entrepreneurship,technology,and entrepreneurship,leadership in entrepreneurship,ways to develop a culture of innovation in organizations,barriers to the development of individual creativity and organizational challenges in the development of innovation and entrepreneur
And all issues related to management
Accounting Topics
Theory accounting and the theoretical framework of accounting information in the assessment,evaluation of international standards,accounting compilation,management accounting and control systems,accounting management and the challenges of its implementation,the role of accounting in the development of the capital market,the application of costing methods in management accounting production and accounting management,new findings and issues of the day in bookkeeping,accounting and auditing standards,methods of financing organizations,the need for standard system for financial reporting,financial innovation in the field of management and accounting,price accounting standards Iran and other the countries,The impact of accounting in achieving the objectives of Article 44,the role of accountants and auditors in the financial crisis,added value and financial reporting,ethics in accounting and auditing,cost management and value creation for shareholders,using the Internet in accounting,information systems,accounting,management accounting and management cost,strategic cost management and performance of the business environment,management accounting and its role in the financial crisis and economic,accounting,manage and modify consumption patterns,financial resources,the need for management accounting for financial managers and Finance,management accounting and valuation organizational performance,management accounting and budgeting practice An extremely large mandate,management accounting and auditing functions,tools and techniques of management accounting,costing and Activity-Based Management,Planning and Budgeting floating,calculation and cost of goods and services,education,accounting,research,capital markets,accounting and governance corporate,accounting and performance measurement

Economic Topics
- Economy
- Microeconomics
- Macroeconomics
- econometrics
- Economic Growth
- economies
- economic development
- Agricultural Economics
- Economic Planning
- urban economy
- Energy Economy

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